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“Dani and the Rings” was conceived as a collaboration between my daughter Katherine Danielle and myself.  I consider it a celebration of the deep connection and strong bond between a mother and her child and beyond that, between family members or just life long friends.

Dani, as we affectionately call my daughter at home, is my greatest love and an endless source of inspiration.

My family and our history naturally carries a great significance for me and friends will always make my life richer. My jewelry aims to represent the bond that all of these hold in my life.

I design my line trying to create pieces that are intimate and meaningful, using a variation of techniques, some of which are centuries old, while combining different textures and materials.

Made by hand in New York City my jewelry is a vibrant expression of my life. I strive for a modern, timeless and effortless sense of everyday luxury and comfort. That is the aesthetic that is crafted in every piece I make.

My goal is to add another aspect of what fine jewelry can be and how it can enrich our life. 

About the artist

I was born and raised in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv. My childhood was typical of the time, with a lot of outdoor play and exploration, surrounded by family and friends.

Ever since I can remember I was so intrigued watching my grandmother create the most beautiful crochet lace for our family. That developed in me a deep respect and appreciation for everything handcrafted, as well as a strong desire to be part of that process. 

After studying Journalism at the university of my home town, my rebellious nature and curiosity for everything glamorous eventually led me to New York City. Soon after I had the opportunity to work for some of the most famous fashion brands in the world; Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Bottega Veneta and Hermès.

The need to express myself through fine jewelry led me to the study of jewelry-making throughout the centuries, in order to acquire the necessary craftsmanship and be able to realize my creative vision.

It's been a long journey to this moment and I am really proud of my collection. I hope you enjoy wearing it just as much as I do.


Luchiya Vavouliotis

Founder and Creative Director

Dani and the Rings